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Adventure Sports Update
We now carry Aeris products!

Adventure Sports now carries all Aeris products!

Check out the Aeris Jetpack BCD. It's a backpack and a BCD all in one. Don't worry about baggage fee's with this! Check out the link!

Aeris has a wide range of scuba equipment. In addition to carrying this brand, we will also be servicing your Aeris gear.

Learn to become a PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor!
Adventure Sports his hosting a PADI IDC this upcoming June 30th.

Staff instructor course 28-29th of June.

This is an excellent opportunity to become a PADI Professional! Call for Prices and Details!

The 30th will be the orientation for the IDC, it begins the 30th of June until July 8th. The Instructor Exam will be the 2nd and 3rd of August, at Beaver Lake, AR.

Classes can be scheduled to fit individual needs i.e we can teach during the day if needed. During the weekend at the lake we will be running specialty instructor training if anyone is interested. This includes night, deep, wreck, S&R, navigation, and sidemount. We can also run EANx, equipment and emergency O2 provider.

Divemaster classes are ongoing and based on individual schedules.-
SCUBA School: Flexible & Convenient
* DURING SUMMER MONTHS (June-September) classes will be every weekend. (Schedule permitting)*
Also we can work around your schedule, if you don't see a weekend that will work for you let us know. We can do weekday and night classes.

June 13-15 Open Water Part 1 and Refreshers
June 20-22 Open Water Part 1 and Refreshers
June 21-22 Open Water Part 2, Advanced Open Water and Specialties
June 25-27 Open Water Part 1 and Refreshers
July 5-6 Open Water Part 2, Advanced Open Water and Specialties
July 19-20 Open Water Part 2, Advanced Open Water and Specialties
Aug 1-3 Open Water Part 1 and Refreshers
Aug 2-3 Open Water Part 2, Advanced Open Water and Specialties
Aug 8-10 Open Water Part 1 and Refreshers
Aug 16-17 Open Water Part 2, Advanced Open Water and Specialties

Custom scheduling is also available--call or stop by to keep diving. Or check our online training calendar at your convenience.
We're Easy to Find and Convenient
We're right across from Towne East Mall, around the corner from Ribbitt Computer!

8029 Peachtree Lane, Wichita
Across from Towne East Mall,
around the corner from Ribbit Computers
(316) 689-8051
DAN is Our Buddy
Adventure Sports proudly supports the Divers Alert Network!

DAN is your buddy in a dive emergency around the region or around the world. Great benefits including dive and trip insurance!

Click the DAN flag to join!
We are Happy to Be YOUR Dive Shop

In this issue:
Volcano Arenal
Recently Adventure Sports had the opportunity to see the Arenal Volcano in Costa Rica.

Prior to the 1968 eruption, Arenal Volcano was a nearly perfect cone-shaped, rainforest blanketed volcanic mountain with minor fumarole activity.
The area around Arenal Volcano has been home to indigenous populations for thousands of years. Over this time, these residents have weathered scores of periods of intense volcanic activity.
In Costa Rica, volcanoes are a natural part of the landscape, contributing to the area’s history and folklore, The Guatuso Indians, for example, believed the volcano was home to the God of Fire.
In geological terms, the Arenal Volcano is relatively young, only some 4000 years old. Prior to the 1968 eruption, the volcano’s last major eruption has been dated at around 1500 AD and lava flows from this period have been tentatively identified.

Photo by: Claire Meridith
Rescue Diver Class!
Interested in taking the PADI Rescue Diver course? We are having a class on June 21-22 2014. Rescue Diver training will prepare you to prevent problems and, if necessary, manage dive emergencies. Many divers say this is the best course they’ve ever taken. Come in or give us a call to sign up.
Living the Dream Party
On June 27th, 2014 from 4:00 until 10:00 we will be hosting a “Living the Dream” party at Adventure Sports. We will be having a mixer and a chance to meet other divers in the area. We will be serving hot dogs and hamburgers, soft drinks and snacks. Come and join us to find out more about diving in Kansas!

This is a chance for people to come and find out about the many opportunities offered in Scuba Diving. We will cover continuing education, travel and networking for recreational divers, including a way to advance to Master Scuba Diver. For the people interested in going pro, we will cover the many possibilities for a career in scuba as a PADI Professional.

For the divers who aren't interested in pursuing continuing education or becoming a PADI Professional, we will be offering travel locations and ways to find great dive sites around the world. We also offer trips to the lake for weekend diving just to have fun.
Come and join us on June 27th for a great time and socializing with your current and future dive buddies.

8029 E. Peachtree Ln
Wichita, KS 67207

(316) 689-8051
Bonaire Trip Nov. 15-22 2014
Staying at Belmar Ocean front Apartments for 7 nights including: accommodations, tax, service charge fee, vehicle rental & tax, airport transfers, diving specified below, Nitrox, tanks, weights and belts.

Boat dives & unlimited shore diving.

Call and ask for details!
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