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SCUBA Therapy Builds Confidence and Hope Making a Difference

This story is guaranteed to make you smile--and it just may make you cry as well. Brian Williams and NBC Nightly News just reported how one dive organization is "Making a Difference" in the lives of kids with physical challenges. If you ever wanted a reason to be proud of your fellow divers, this is it. Click to play: was founded more than 10 years ago with a bold mission: "To build confidence and independence in children, adults, and veterans with disabilities using SCUBA diving as a tool."


The Diveheart Foundation is a non-profit tax exempt organization created to provide and support educational SCUBA diving and snorkeling experience programs that are open to any child, adult, or veteran with a disability with the hope of providing both physical and psychological therapeutic value to that person.


Diveheart says, "It is the 'CAN DO' spirit that Diveheart hopes to instill in all its participants by giving them the confidence and independence that allows them to face their own life challenges and overcome barriers that before might have seemed insurmountable."


For many with physical challenges, water is the "great equalizer," and so the programs of Diveheart can "teach children and adults with disabilities to fly. Thanks to the wonder of the water column, the oceans and lakes of the world become the forgiving weightless environment of outer space, giving perfect buoyancy to a child or adult who would otherwise struggle on land."


If you would like to learn more about this great service organization, click here.


Ready to join in with a contribution? Click here.


Hot Computers from Liquivision

Adventure Sports is always on the lookout for the best gear to take you where you want to go in your diving. Whether that's cruising a shallow reef, enjoying a deeper wreck dive, or taking on the challenge of technical diving, it has to be right for YOU. We are excited to share these reviews of Liquivision's great computers--so you don't have to take our word for it! Click on the pics to learn more from ScubaLab:


SCUBA School: Flexible & Convenient

Aug 24-26 Open Water Part 1 and Refreshers

Aug 24-26 Open Water Diver Part 2, Advanced Open Water Diver and Specialties

Aug 31-Sep 2 Open Water Diver Part 2, Advanced Open Water Diver and Specialties

Sep 7-9 Open Water Part 1 and Refreshers

Sep 14-16 Open Water Diver Part 2, Advanced Open Water Diver and Specialties

Sept 21-23 Open Water Part 1 and Refreshers

Sep 29-30 Open Water Diver Part 2, Advanced Open Water Diver and Specialties

Oct 5-7 Open Water Part 1 and Refreshers

Oct 12-14 Open Water Part 2, Advanced Open Water Diver and Specialties

Oct 19-21 Open Water Part 1 and Refreshers

Oct 26-28 Open Water Part 2, Advanced Open Water Diver and Specialties


Custom scheduling is also available--call or stop by to keep diving. Or check our online training calendar at your convenience.

Your Adventure Begins Here

Look here for the latest schedule of great dive Adventures. And, if you don't see a trip that meets your needs, just ask. We'll be happy to work with you on flexible arrangements!

May 2013: Truk (Chuuk) Odyssey Live Aboard Adventure Sports is very excited to offer our dive buddies the chance to make this dream come true! May 19-26, 2013, we will sail aboard the Odyssey to explore the legendary sites of Chuuk.


We have put together a fantastic package that includes 7 nights aboard Odyssey, with 6 days of diving. Dive up to five times a day! Enriched air divers will enjoy complimentary Nitrox to ensure the most bottom time exploring.


The price of this Adventure is $3095 per person, based on double occupancy. (Plus VAT/sales tax and $30 Chuuk dive permit. Airfare not included.) Space is limited so reserve your spot soon!

Call or stop by soon and get ready for Adventure! If the trip you are interested in is sold out, please ask about a wait/cancellation list, or about scheduling another Adventure to that location.

DAN is Our Buddy


Adventure Sports proudly supports the Divers Alert Network!


DAN is your buddy in a dive emergency around the region or around the world. Great benefits including dive and trip insurance!

Click the DAN flag to join!


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Wichita's oldest and best dive shop is also the easiest to get to! Our beautiful shop and modern, comfortable classroom are across from Towne East Mall.



8029 Peachtree Lane, Wichita

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In this issue: Making a Difference

Hot Computers from Liquivision

SCUBA School: Flexible & Convenient

Your Adventure Begins Here

DAN is Our Buddy

Wichita's Best & Most Convenient Dive Shop

You Need a Fall Getaway, Just Be Coz

We Couldn't Have Said it Better!

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Doo Dah Divers

Saturday Snacks

You Need a Fall Getaway, Just Be Coz


Summer is over and if you feel like it just flew by with no real break, then you need one of Adventure Sports' Custom Coz getaways!


With our fintastic dive partners in Cozumel, you will enjoy world class diving below and valet service above. The diving is easy--mostly drifting along with current, enjoying spectacular sights.


And of course the warmth of the Mexican sun is only exceeded by the warmth of the hospitality of the people of Cozumel.


Call or stop by today and get your own bubble therapy in Cozumel! Why do you think this guy is so happy?



(Cozumel's famous Splendid Toadfish)


We Couldn't Have Said it Better!


From ScubaLab, 5 Things to Love About Owning Your Own Gear.


And remember, Adventure Sports has the widest selection of top brands, and the largest, most experienced, and friendliest staff of dive professionals to help you choose the gear that is right for you!

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Adventure Sports Kansas


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Doo Dah Divers

Wichita's dive club, the Doo Dah Divers, will not meet in September due to the club's annual trip to Beaver Lake. The next meeting will be Thursday, October 11th, at 7PM. The meeting will be at Marco's Cantina, located at 6600 West Central.


Adventure Sports is proud to support the Doo Dah Divers and warmly invites you to join in the fun and fellowship!



Saturday Snacks

Yup, you can always escape the Saturday job list by hanging out at your Adventure Sports, enjoying free coffee and snacks. See you at 10AM!

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