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Lionfish in the Caribbean: Terrible Beauty

Fighting Back Against an Invasive Species

Don't get us wrong-- the Lionfish is a spectacularly beautiful creature. But, it belongs in the Pacific, where its presence is in balance with its environment. In the Caribbean, it is an invasive species with a double whammy for native fishes: it is a voracious predator, with no natural predator of its own.


So, war has been declared and it is open season on Lionfish from North Carolina to Cozumel! Much hope was placed in a National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) campaign to encourage human consumption of Lionfish--they are delicious. But recently, a serious blow was dealt to that campaign by another federal agency: the Food and Drug Administration. FDA testing showed an unacceptably high number of Lionfish exceeded federal guidelines for a toxin that can cause ciguatera--a potentially dangerous food poisoning.


This puts much of the burden back on divers, who spend time on the reefs, and who treasure them. In Cozumel and many other places, it is capture and kill for any Lionfish spotted on the reef. Of course this is a delicate process, since those beautiful fins can deliver a seriously unpleasant sting.


On a recent trip to Cozumel, multiple Lionfish were spotted on some dives. None were mature adults--the largest being just bigger than a grapefruit including the fins. Most were carefully captured by our expert dive leader using a ziploc bag and a magnifying glass.


Once in the bag, the fish were simply crushed with the handle of the lens, then offered to other fish. Even though the Lionfish doesn't seem to have any natural predators in the Caribbean, it was heartening to see that in some cases, fish literally lined up to get a shot at the dead Lionfish.


Remember, if--or when--you spot a Lionfish on a dive, keep a respectful distance and report your observation to your dive leaders.

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Fighting Back Against an Invasive Species

SCUBA School: Flexible & Convenient

Your Adventure Begins Here

DAN is Our Buddy

Wichita's Best & Most Convenient Dive Shop

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Cozumel Reefs: Beauty Worth Fighting For

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