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We'll Rescue You from Winter Blues and Boredom

"The Best Class I Have Ever Taken"

You hear it from diver after diver:  PADI Rescue Diver is the "best class I have ever taken."  What makes it that way?  Certainly it is always fun learning, and making new dive buddies--that's part of every Adventure Sports class.  But there's more to it with Rescue Diver.


It is a very challenging class, and it offers a real sense of accomplishment for those who earn the Rescue Diver card.  But there is even more.  It is knowing that if an emergency arises, you will be better prepared to make a difference for a family member or dive buddy when it matters most.


Our next Rescue Diver class starts March 1st, so now is the time to call or stop by to reserve your spot in the class.  And don't forget, you'll need a current CPR/First Aid certification, too.  So we'll be offering Emergency First Response on Thursday, 23 February.


What a great cure for winter blues and boredom--one of the most exciting and satisfying dive classes you will ever take!  We hope you will join in!

Wichita's Best & Most Convenient Dive Shop


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SCUBA School: We Love Learning

Feb 17-19 Bonne Terre Mine Trip with Open Water Part 2, Advanced Open Water and specialties

Feb 18 Enriched Air Diver Specialty, 1-5PM

Feb 23 Emergency First Response (CPR/First Aid) 6PM.

Feb 24-26 Open Water Diver Part 1

Mar 1 Rescue Diver begins.

Mar 9-11 Open Water Diver Part 1

Mar 16-18 Bonne Terre Mine Trip with Open Water Part 2, Advanced Open Water and specialties

Mar 17 Enriched Air Diver Specialty

Mar 23-25 Open Water Diver Part 1

Apr 6-8 Open Water Diver Part 1


Call or stop by to keep diving. Or check our online training calendar at your convenience.

Your Adventure Begins Here

Look here for the latest schedule of great dive Adventures.  And, if you don't see a trip that meets your needs, just ask.  We'll be happy to work with you on flexible arrangements!

February:  Bonne Terre Mine  We're headed back to the mine February 17-19, so you have another chance to get that dive gear wet!

March: Bonne Terre Mine  March can still be a fickle time with winter hanging on--but you can still log some dives in 100' vis!  March 16-18, we're headed back for more fun!

April-May: Bahamas Wild Dolphin Adventure  We have the ultimate dolphin experience for you, with Emmy Award winning videographers Becky Kagan Schott and David Schott of Liquid Productions. You will enjoy 6-days of Adventure off the Island of Bimini, aboard the 91-ft live aboard vessel Indigo. This is a snorkel/free dive trip only (wild dolphins do not like SCUBA bubbles). So this is perfect for non-diving spouses, kids and friends!  This Adventure departs from Ft. Lauderdale and runs from April 29 to May 4, 2012. The cost is $1860 for double occupancy. Not included: Airfare to Ft. Lauderdale or Bimini (a flight is available from FLL to Bimini for approximately $255) and one night hotel in Ft. Lauderdale before departure, if desired ($55) Remember, space on this Adventure is strictly limited so call or stop by soon to reserve your spot!

May 2013: Truk (Chuuk) Odyssey Live Aboard Adventure Sports is very excited to offer our dive buddies the chance to make this dream come true!  May 19-26, 2013, we will sail aboard the Odyssey to explore the legendary sites of Chuuk.


We have put together a fantastic package that includes 7 nights aboard Odyssey, with 6 days of diving. Dive up to five times a day! Enriched air divers will enjoy complimentary Nitrox to ensure the most bottom time exploring.


The price of this Adventure is $3095 per person, based on double occupancy.  (Plus VAT/sales tax and $30 Chuuk dive permit. Airfare not included.) Space is limited so reserve your spot soon!

Call or stop by soon and get ready for Adventure!  If the trip you are interested in is sold out, please ask about a wait/cancellation list, or about scheduling another Adventure to that location.

DAN is Our Buddy

Adventure Sports proudly supports the Divers Alert Network!


DAN is your buddy in a dive emergency around the region or around the world.  Great benefits including dive and trip insurance!

Click the DAN flag to join!

In this issue:

"The Best Class I Have Ever Taken"

Wichita's Best & Most Convenient Dive Shop

SCUBA School: We Love Learning

Your Adventure Begins Here

DAN is Our Buddy


Green & Yellow Beats the Blues Too

Your Secret is Safe

Doo Dah Divers

Connect with Adventure Sports


Need a bubble fix right now? Great!  We're headed to the Bonne Terre Mine this week!  Act now to join us for a fun weekend of "weatherproof" diving in the "billion gallon" underground lake.



The half-million watts of stadium lighting provide a very cool diving experience, and the air and water are a constant temperature.  It is a perfect winter dive break!


Call or stop by today to reserve your spot!

Green & Yellow Beats the Blues Too

Here's another great way to beat the winter blues and boredom--the most popular PADI Specialty, Enriched Air Diver.


Find out why all of the cool divers have Green and Yellow Gas--that is to say they are using Enriched Air to get more bottom time!


With just one evening of independent study at home, and one afternoon in our comfortable, modern classroom, you can become a Nitrox diver.


You'll enjoy learning how diving with Enriched Air (Nitrox) gives you more bottom time, which really adds up when you are on a diving vacation.


Check our training calendar online to learn more!


Your Secret is Safe

We won't tell if you decide to dodge the "Honey-Do" list and hang out with your dive buddies at Adventure Sports on Saturday mornings. Just stop by and enjoy free coffee donuts/bagels and dive talk!


Join us every Saturday morning beginning at 10.  Shhhhhhh!

Doo Dah Divers

Wichita's dive club, the Doo Dah Divers, will meet Tuesday, March 8, at 7PM at Marco's Cantina.  It is located at 6600 West Central.


Come and make some new dive buddies!


Adventure Sports is proud to support the Doo Dah Divers and warmly invites you to join in the fun and fellowship!



Connect with Adventure Sports

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Adventure Sports Kansas


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