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Get signed up to start your Open Water training today!


Upcoming trips and much more!


Come to Cozumel with Adventure Sports!


New and exciting things happening at Adventure Sports.


New GM, Marcus German takes Adventure Sports into professional training.


Adventure Sports is not only open for business as usual--we are changing the dive business! Check out our new learn to dive packages in our newsletter for 5 March 2013.


Now the home of Oceanic and Hollis gear in Southcentral Kansas, we're also hard at work on our new training pool facility. Read more in our January, 2013, newsletter.


Adventure Sports is now your exclusive Oceanic and Hollis dive gear dealer in Southcentral Kansas! And there's more in our newsletter for 5 December 2012.


Great gift ideas and more in our newsletter for 29 November 2012.


It's Halloween week, after all.... Here's our newsletter for 26 October 2012


This SOS is good for you--Save On Suunto! Check out a great new offer in our newsletter for 18 October 2012.


Check out our incredible menu of diving Adventure--something for every appetite! Learn more in our newsletter for 12 October 2012


The diving Adventure is big in Cozumel--and it doesn't get any easier or more fun than our Custom Coz dive-cations. Learn more in our newsletter for 4 October 2012.


Our Custom Coz dive-cation packages to Cozumel are now even better! Plus, we have great gear to take along at great prices, too. More in our newsletter for 27 September 2012.


Rebates on cameras and another hot piece of news about Liquivision computers! Learn more in our newsletter for 20 September 2012.


"Test Dive" a Liquivision dive computer and you just might win one! Learn more in our newsletter for 13 September 2012.


Like Frank sang, the Best is Yet to Come--fall diving, that is. Find out how you can get in on the fun in our newsletter for 6 September 2012.


We love to see our dive buddies smilin'! We have some great opportunities to dive, and another great way to join other divers for a good cause. Read our newsletter for 30 August 2012.


We're introducing you to a group of fellow divers out there making a huge difference to folks with physical challenges. Check out our newsletter for 23 August 2012.


We love it when our customers and dive buddies are happy! Come dive with us and enjoy--plenty of summer left. More in our newsletter for 16 August 2012.


We want summer to go out in a blaze of bubbles so we have scheduled more weekend dive trips for you! Learn more in our newsletter for 9 August 2012.


Ready to dive before summer slips away? Come join us for a fun weekend at the lake or make plans to get in the blue with Adventure Sports. How about a great new mask? More in our newsletter for 2 August 2012.


We have an eyewitness report on the war on Lionfish in the Caribbean in our newsletter for 12 July 2012.


We love spreading the good word about diving to kids of all ages. Learn more in our newsletter for 28 June 2012.


Adventure Sports knows your time is precious, especially weekends. So we have a new training schedule that is flexible and convenient, including weeknight open water sessions! Learn more in our newsletter for 21 June 2012.


No matter where you are in your Adventure--just starting out or well on the way--we are ready to make it fun, enjoyable and safe. See for yourself in our newsletter for 6 June 2012.


Summer's here, so why aren't you blowing bubbles? We'll help you get going! Learn more in our newsletter for 31 May 2012


Take your pick of Adventures--we have the best of the best in our newsletter for 17 May 2012.


Suunto has a hot deal for the summer that will allow you to turn your junk dive computer into a great discount on a new model! Learn more in our newsletter for 10 May 2012.


One long time training lake is closed but we're ready to dive in new locations with you! Learn more in our newsletter for 3 May 2012.


Last call for DUI Dry Suit Demo Days! Learn more in our newsletter for 26 April 2012.


Take your pick from a world of Adventure, and we'll help you make your plans for a great summer dive vacation. More in our newsletter for 19 April 2012.


The weather, and the water, are slowly warming up and Adventure Sports is ready for a new dive season. Learn more in our newsletter for 12 April 2012.


We had a great anniversary party, and we're ready for another great year of diving! Learn more in our newsletter for 5 April 2012.


You'll have an incredible summer vacation if you join in our Grand Cayman Adventure. Read more in our newsletter for 22 March 2012.


We have another incredible dive Adventure to tempt you--Grand Cayman this summer! Learn more in our newsletter for 14 March 2012.


That word does not mean what you think it means! Get the low down in our newsletter for 7 March 2012.


If you have spring break plans that involve bubbles, we're here to help you get ready. And we have some great Adventures if you are still looking for a way to get away. Learn more in our newsletter for 1 March 2012.


We are really excited to announce a special underwater photo workshop that will headline our one year anniversary party. Learn more in our newsletter for 22 February 2012.


What a great way to beat winter blues and boredom--PADI's exciting and challenging Rescue Diver class. Learn more in our newsletter for 15 February 2012.


Warm smiles and cool new gear in our newsletter for 9 February 2012!


The Polar Bear Palooza was a great success but if cold water isn't your thing, we have some warm water Adventures coming too! More in our newsletter for 2 February 2012.


Last call this week for the Polar Bear Palooza. And if you are exclusively a warm water diver--don't worry! We have "cool" Adventures for you too in our newsletter for 26 January 2012.


2012 is barely 3 weeks old and we already have 2 Adventures in the books--and some spectacular ones on the calendar. Learn more in our newsletter for 18 January 2012.


If there is a "bucket list" diving destination, this is it: Truk (Chuuk) in the Pacific. We're going--would you like to join us? Learn more in our newsletter for 11 January 2012.


Wild dolphins are waiting to meet and greet you in the Bahamas! Join our incredible Wild Dolphin Adventure. Learn more in our newsletter for 5 January 2012.

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