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John Davis - Scuba Instructor

Master Instructor - PADI Certification #: 157903 Handicap Scuba Association Instructor (November 2007) Emergency First Response Instructor - #157903 IANTD Technical Diver, Trimix, and full Cave - #57997

Future Plans: DSAT Tech Deep, Tec Trimix, and Handicap Scuba Instructor training

My favorite specialties to teach are nitrox, dry suit, deep, wreck, night, underwater navigation, search and recovery, multilevel, cavern and equipment specialist. I’ve completed the PADI Diver Propulsion training and plan to complete rebreather training in the future and become an instructor for both of these exciting specialties.

I’m an IANTD technical diver, including full cave and trimix. I plan to complete the DSAT Tech Deep and Trimix Instructor training this fall.

Favorite Dive: My favorite dive is my next dive. I like to dive deep with my personal record of 200 feet. Some of my most memorable moments have been with my dive buddies.

As for me and my house we will serve the Lord. Joshua 24:15

Swimming down the steps through the natural stone archway into the flooded cellar was exhilarating. We’d just discovered one of the many homesteads flooded after Beaver Lake was built. There were old canning jars strewn about. I could picture the kids playing as I swam across the front yard and through the orchard. I imagined the school bus pulling up to the house as I swam down the road and wondered if the school bus about a 100 yards from the Reynolds foundations was the same school bus that picked up kids in the area before the lake was flooded.

Little did I know when I completed my NASDS Open Water Diver course over a quarter century ago that I would become a PADI Master Instructor and open the doors for hundreds of others to experience the underwater world. After Completing Open Water Diver training in Oronogo, Missouri, diving Ten Killer, Table Rock and Beaver Lakes, I thought I’d take my Advanced Open Water training south to Florida. A buddy and I dragged our families to Panama City Beach where we left them enjoying the sun and waves while we completed the PADI Advanced Open Water Diver course. We’d talked a PADI Course Director into spending a week with us, watching dive specialty videos and completing many more dives than required.

When a friend at work informed me I could dive for free as a PADI Dive Master, I immediately enrolled in the PADI Rescue and Dive Master classes. What a deal! I completed Dive Master training in 1997 and instructor training in 1998.

I’ve met some of my best friends through scuba. If you want to be a real friend, teach them to dive.

After reading articles about the Wounded Warrior program, my next excursion is to become a Handicap Scuba Instructor and continue sharing the underwater world with others.

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