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Darrell Braden - Scuba Instructor

Master Scuba Diver Trainer - PADI Certification #: 231355 I am certified to teach several Specialty courses in addition to the core PADI diving courses: Boat Diver, Night Diver, Deep Diver, Underwater Navigator, Multilevel Diver, Dry Suite, and Peak Performance Buoyancy. I am also an Emergency First Response (CPR and First Aid) Instructor and an Instructor with Divers Alert Network.

Darrell's favorite dive is Chankanaab Reef in Cozumel, with its wide diverse fish and coral. Always a great spot to get a few pictures, and a nice slow relaxing drift dive.

Change is part of life and without change life stops!

I started diving as something fun to so with my son, over a Christmas break, and was hooked from that moment forward. As I started to dive more and started to talk to friends and family about it I discovered I had a passion for the sport, and started down the path of becoming an instructor. As an instructor I love working with youth and helping them to get their start in a sport that I love.

Having fun sharing his passion!
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