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Herman Broodryk - Open Water Instructor

Herman is a PADI Open Water Instructor, an Emergency First Response Instructor and a Divers Alert Network Instructor. As a DAN Instructor, Herman is qualified to teach Basic Life Support (CPR and First Aid), CPR/First Aid for Health Care Providers, Diver Neurological Assessment, Emergency Oxygen for Scuba Diving Injuries, and Hazardous Marine Life Injuries.

Herman's favorite dive site is Sodwana Bay, South East African coast, 9-mile reef.

f your output is bigger than your input your upkeep will become your downfall.

Herman's first SCUBA diving experience was in 1981 in his native South Africa. He earned his certification in 1987 and says his love for mother ocean has never ceased. When he moved from beautiful Rhode Island to Wichita, Kansas, almost 7-years ago it was very difficult to accept the vast chasm separating him from the ocean. But, Herman says Adventure Sports and its wonderful staff adopted him, and he became a PADI Divemaster in 2007. Shortly after that, Herman completed his Assistant Instructor training under the watch full eye of John Davis. Herman hopes to continue on with his training to become a PADI Staff Instructor.

Herman is always ready to share his love of the ocean with students.
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